Our Greenlandic values as a people:

Our Greenlandic values as a people:
When we are outside town out in nature, we share flowers plants berries, no one saying this is mine i own this land, but when of course if there are others occupying a place it is respected as much as possible, its only the way we are taught by institutions goverments schools politics that we begin to become self serving and begin to desire more than others have materials. But getting outside of our free imprisonment, when we see others hunt or collect berries etc…we salute them and send them blessings so they can get well and enjoy life.
As a people we can adapt to all kinds of states, and we also have adapted to what is dividing and conquering us, so we too have a inner battle and listening to thought patterns such as judgements resentments anger when we let us become influenced with greed abuse by comparing what others have and that of we don’t have.
We are only about 60.000 people and in a way that can be one of our strength, when we do learn to take responsibility protect maintaining evolving health well being in.
Some of the mind controls under the ways of conquering we get very little value of what is being poured out from the land we were born in.

In order to have the regressive run rampant throughout our lives their ways has to come through us and we have choices, we can say no, we can set boundaries because if we don’t corporations takes over population using sounds colors signs logo’s and we never will get what we want in those things, and the way they are powered up
is by using us as a donkey following a carrot that is held by a rabbi or a politician.

We as a people has many yes and less no’s to those in power
we begin to agree if they give us monies from the billions they make each year
and are we as a people really evolving in that direction?
Lets see how our houses are, the water that we drink the foods that we buy. Are they really enhancing our lives ?
Or are we kept in loops staying on the same vibrations?
Yes ….No….?
Is our air clean? Can the land grow with all the planes that pollutes our skies or the machines/technologies that we agree to buy?

We buy into stressful lives, anxieties…
Having a lifestyle to pleasure in imbalance and ignorance is very precious to the ones who keeps a large part of the humanity in many ways, with everyones seems trying to get higher some way or the other, while being outside and live with nature does all of that for free depending how the energies and ways of being are used, and in the system its the ways one and all is used to suit in power to have more.

The Powers That Are
TPTA just cannot help themselves selling us restricted diets with the enhancers taken out,
while nature does all of that if it is not disturbed and grown the way its supposed to grow, with seeds fully intact.


“Sometimes when i do read and read and realise i have learned very little.
Like when one reads manuals of several pages and in the doing of a physical thing its a very small thing
to do, it was just a simple maneuver”


Copyright Pilutaq~


RadioOutThere Interview Link + Transcript



Link to the show


RadioOutthere-imi Apersortinnera Immiunnikuusara “Eaglet” Ilanngullungu


RadioOutThere Interview transcript


Barry : Well, that song is called Eaglet and its composed and played by Pilutaq, and that might be the first music you have ever heard composed and played in greenland, yes Pilutaq meaning leaf in Greenlandic contacted me recently to say how he listens to the program from RadioOutthere and has been for several years in Greenland and i thought “wow, isn’t that amazing, you just never know where our radio program on internet is gonna take you”. So i contacted Pilutaq and we corresponded little bit and i thought “well, i knew nothing about greenland, well i know nothing about…i’d have to do some changing thinking find out how huge the biggest island in the world is, how many people there are there, where they all live, what they all do, and i thought, maybe we could share some of that information because as i said, the world is such a small place and you just ever never know who is listening to internet radio program and their range of interest. So now, as greenland is such a long way away, the telephone communication was a bit fluffy at times but i’m sure you’ll bear that in mind. So…lets head off to Greenland and meet Pilutaq.

Pilutaq, its wonderful to speak to you my first corded Greenland, where abouts in greenland are you ?

Pilutaq: From the middle, Aasiaat, its called Aasiaat, its in the southern and northern greenland and we are in the middle

Barry: Oh you’re in the middle

Pilutaq: Right in the middle

Barry: Oh, good, well its interesting to know i mean, (P: yeah) the fact that you do a radio and end up anywhere in the world and here we are talking in greenland. You were saying when you first contacted me by email you actually listen catching trout and have a listen on the program so, i have this wonderful image of you fishing listening to RadioOutthere

Pilutaq: Yes, yes, i think quite a few times, quite a few trips actually in a couple of years actually, and i just think your radioshow is one of my favourite i used to get in on my ipod and travel with it. I had some meditational sounds and some music but mainly it was your shows i used to listen to in nature.

Barry : Well, i’m absolutely delighted to hear that we are reaching out that far because i guess not many people know too much about Greenland. Well, you only got a 57.000 people something like that so, its a (buzz sounds, we’re talking crossing here) but its the worlds largest island, tell me a bit about life in Greenland

Pilutaq: Yeah, we are only just about sixty thousand people here, and the city i live in, i call it a half city and a half village, not quite a city not quite a village so its in between and we are about four thousand here in Aasiaat and i’m born here so i live here

Barry: Yeah, so what do you actually do in Greenland, its the worlds largest island but sixty thousand people i would imagine jobs are fairly limited are they?

Pilutaq: Yeah they are limited but i taught myself how to repair softwares and computers and stuff like that, you know, and i’ve been interested in music and been making music not just classical genres but my own or my own interpretations of music, i was interested in that. I didn’t know how to connect the other states of mind so i seek it out in nature, in winter i am outside looking at the stars in summer i’m outside in nature and connecting and connecting to other states of consciousness from animals and plants….stuff like that. I wanted to develop some stuff inside me, in my life, i just was going and and now here i am.

Barry: Well, you send me some of your and we are going to play it on the program, i think you got beautiful rhythm there and i’m sure that we’ll be able to play (Pilutaq: Oh thank you) We’ll be able to play it on the program, its going to be world’s first. Now, your music is something you used to express spiritually through, is Greenland a spiritual country? As supposed to say a religious country?

Pilutaq: I would say both, both of them, we are, i think that we are spiritual but we are also, there is a religion here, but inside of us most of its unsaid and we just know and our original mythology or what do you call….spirituality is that one of the mother of the sea which is our creator… creator, then we got a patriarch religion and now we are sort of in between those two states of mind

Barry: Okay thats very interesting, you came across like a very spiritual person self because in one of your emails you were telling me that you actually made contact with the spirit of a woman you knew who passed away and you were able to act as medium

Pilutaq : Yeah,

Barry: Can you tell us that story?

Pilutaq: Sure, I was looking how to evolve out of my, some of my…what do you call…spiritual lessons? Or i had some emotions that I didn’t know how to release or how to manage and i was frustrated and you know…then I got interested in spirituality because i didn’t some that really resonated with me and i wanted to evolve out of my what i have been carrying for quite a number of years and i got IT from meditation and it was right about that time i let go off some of emotional what do you call it….garbage? (chuckles), i don’t know, but i had lot of it you know, carried out those vibrations and as soon as i eeerr….. they got away from me or i released them fully, i thought oh my’ why have i been carrying those, nobody asked me to carry those but i did, i thought i would never carry them again the same way or live with them and i was just relieved but then something strange started to happen in my own apartment for litterally ten years, furnitures were moving and i never really expereinced that so i just escaped from my apartment i didn’t know i saw some visions i saw some of my furnitures moving around or crashed or moved away and i never expereinced it kept on and on and on in 6 months and i didn’t know how to because my friends weren’t feeling it was just only me and they thought i was going crazy but i wasn’t i knew i wasn’t getting crazy, but she kept sending me messages and images i could see in my mind it was a old lady and i had seen her before but i just didn’t know who she was and i didn’t know then half a year later, after all we tried a priest, we tried mediums who could get rid off the spirits or ghost’s but it wasn’t like that but we never succeded she just returned to me, and i didn’t know why, really don’t know why but then something happened and i sort of got 2 and 2 together and i could see i began to write it down i began to see started to see the whole picture, as soon as i did that i could see like a puzzle, you know, and then i just knew what i could do that was the start, and it turns out that we have met before while she was in her physical body twice and i didn’t know it was her, she had committed suicide and she saw that i was or nearly i had taken the/that path and therefore she could communicate with me because she was on a similar vibration the feelings and all of that and as soon as that was evolved or resolved she started to bring other identities to me and i would know what to say bu then i stopped actually because i wanted to move on i just thought this is just one of of all states of mind and i wanted to experience other states of mind and consciousness, and you know…once in a while they do come and say Hi or something like that

Barry: Yeah of course, back to where, its a wonderful story Pilutaq, thank you very much for telling us that one, also you do other work beside your computer i believe you give awareness lecture on how to take care of the body, is that right?

Pilutaq: Yes yes, thats was, that was hers actually, thats what she wanted to do in her physical body but she didn’t gt time, she didn’t really carried those out herself and she told me she thought i had potential and i wanted to really resolve some of my emotional stuff she showed me a bit, she was one of those who was consciouss that were not physical some of them are not consciouss, some of them are in , like they don’t know that they are dead, you know (Barry: Thats right, yeah) like in a dream

Barry: I know exactly what you mean, do you feel that you have a soul contact with this woman that you perhaps contacted her or been with her in previous lives? Or something like that?

Pilutaq: Mmmm….I kind of assume that because she, as soon as she was in a, she came through when i played music, certain music and then she came and then i realized whenever i would like to contact her i would just play that some into that state of mind then she just come and i figured out how to do that to slow myself down so i could learn quicker, you know…(Barry: Yeah) I didn’t know stuff like that, she had message to her fellow our fellow Greenlandic people and she didn’t carried out those and she just saw i had potential and i started doind those and it just grew, it just grew and grew now its about three years ago i started doing radio and you know about Self and MMS for example, some stuff like that, i do like to translate and i do like to explain what i have learned like find balance in ways of being and in ways of living

Barry: Pilutaq, I’m afraid our telephone line is pretty gone at this state we gonna have to leave that chat, buts its been absolutely wonderful contacting you and just knowing that the word gets out and your own spiritual work that you are doing like that and look I just wanna thank you, really its been great to talk to you.
And there we are, our first ever guest from Greenland hope you enjoyed Pilutaq. the phone line was a bit up and down, you gotta say, but anyway great having a talk there, but great for you came in i leave with some of the music by Jim Ottoway from his cd Chill Factor and this is “Inquisitive” and i see you next week bye for now’





Barry Eaton Himself Being Interviewed


Barry Eaton Interviews






What are we going to face in a different vibration
now that the world is changing
it is up to the collective consciousness of humans
which turn that will determine the turning point
the world is now like a flower which sprouts its seeds
in different directions in various winds of streams
certain flows certain changes

as we know the world had been in a very dense reality
like being under a heavier water and now in a lighter

in and on this reality matter manifest’s faster
all of this one might have heard or read

but what i want to express is on the surface
there is nothing quaranteed as a diver comes up
he or she or it first dry other wise it’ll get too cold
so adapting to a lighter might be a good idea

well then what is on the surface ?
it is up to one if one would look up to the sky
or relax a bit after a diving trip
after that who knows what kind of things one would meet
surely it is up to one

one might meet beings that crawls or beings with wings
some that are hostile to humans some friendly if one is friendly
all in this depends on one state of mind

there is always danger so protection is always handy
well then …
some things might conjure along the way
and one might notice that for example when one lifted a rock under water
it was slower to get down but on the surface it falls quicker
and that could be a indicator how matter can suddenly slip past attention
if one is not aware
so a few things will slip some things can be learned quickly
depending on one’s state and so on

after a while one might begin to ponder and wonder
well it does not end here still there are ladders to climb
in mind


“New” common sense

“new” common sense

if it rains we’ll put on raincoats if we don’t to get wet
if we don’t want to get killed we’ll protect ourselves

but what if there are politics and business ways religions
that are eating us especially the children in ways we can’t connect the proofs
and only lies in the mysteries
so there is a extremely elusive predator in this world
its mechanism acts like a cyst in the system cyst-em perhaps is the word
what comes out of it is like some fungi’s out in the wild
and that’s how everything makes consciousness making everything
as a function
but do we have to be like plants for some bodies
a plant that reinvigorates or enhance or add to their kicks in their addicted rush?
maybe we are planted here the same way we make plant so that we can sustain life maybe not maybe by some

but in this case we are the plants
but as life evolves or stays in its preferred state
life finds ways all kinds of ways

as everything we might can see on the polarity scale
some colors comes from out there and that could mean
as atoms protons neutron’s and when it they are blended with the new
and as soon we switch into new thought patterns and manifest new things
and what could the be ?

what we perceive as nefarious to us the evil
could very well be having their kind of fun on us
just as we might enjoy feasting on some prey we have caught
or some people would

maybe new things that arrives from some where or we have gotten into a place that were somewhere else and we are t-here
and what can we make out of it

maybe sometimes they are necessary evils as i have heard
to wake us up and that could mean that is why we see many things evolve out of that
and we always had a very vampiric predatory presence in our world
or is it theirs or have/are we handing the world to them ?
(that could be a statement or a question maybe the question is pointed to you
which one are living on are you handing it to them ….)
and it has camoflagered in all kinds of ways so that we might thing
that their presence is not harmful to us at all
while obviously when people see it in on tv its just tv portraying
then what are the truths ? and the cons can you connect the pieces?

then talking about the predatory presence
what are its weakest point ?
maybe sounds vibes vibrations

maybe it is where we are heading to uncommon sense
maybe we’ll realize this predatory element had been whispering to us
in the back on our neck for quite a while and aren’t they always
a dark voice that ‘encourages’ us to act some impulses and do things the wrong way?
aren’t people when they are really drunk begin to behave like they are possessed could it be those that operate on the other side of our sight
on other frequencies having their kind of fun ?

then the question could be
what do you want ?
or what do they want ?
their weapon is us against us
that means people vs people
an old effective way to deceit
is conquer and divide
no family times if they are times
then tv or radio or other signaling subliminals

as electronics can be useful WHEN they are in harmony out in nature
things get uglier when they are not harmonized
and that is a what the term trojan horse in electronics


are projected by the ones who encourages to wake us up
to take care of us all

or the products comes as knives we are the ones who decides how to use it

and for what cause
never mind the design and the advertising shield that tells one
that you can buy it but it is not really yours
and those who haven’t read the small prints
can say things like its mine !


As Cells

As cells communicate vibrationally with each other

i think that is a virtue that has value to be preserved
in humankind(ness)
but what we are taught by norms belief systems
that are outdated by the way and no longer fits the
progressing humans that are getting to become more aware
of the lies and upside downs that is formed in society
but what good does come from being aware
at first step that is the acknowldgement that one has been
near sleep or near alive in the past
and as cells begin to get rejuvenated by some from
awareness enter the mind and things brighten up
as one can see
what is in fronts the behinds the sides
in swirls like the DNA

the next step could be the actions
to replace that is not working for the people and the earth
and reconnect it to the more natural harmonious ways of living
is what everyone perhaps strives for eventually

in the past that meant in order to progress
as a individual
one must set traps or serve half truths
or do things that is not one had intended but had to do
because of $$$

there maybe be some relentless and ones that is not of
one that has hearts to the people and serve only themselves
as a negative source in the world
and they too are on the way to gradually becoming more
of the benevolent nature ‘
because they also search what is more aligned with themselves


the systems were made to separate us
to serve the separators and eventually separate us from the separators
that is perhaps one of the ways to get away with legal crimes
and illegal justice

to be heartwarming and have love for the world
is floral to all that is outside our realities


what good does come from to
trick the tricksters
con the conners
does not one become more or less
of the same princip’s
that were followed by the ones that had to do
what was setup’d by the systems that is harming the world
and vouch for/by the people
nd blaming it is the actors/politicians the rules that has done
the deceit

what is the deceit then?

from my point of view
they are the ones who separate us
from health by messing up the elements
from the world
the knowledge of how one connects as cells

that is a part truth
because human’s also have been allowed those tricksters
run their scarecampaigns and emotionally response
to the separation programs
it is always nearly our ways and thinking ways
are better than yours
and the more that is building up
the more zeroes has the businessmen on their bank accounts

that is also cells cooperating atoms that serves the creators

cellphones ring to one another
and that is when someone respond to the ringer
and of course all that is is ringing to us
all the time the question is will you pick it up ?
and take action by the message
of to be yourself to be the best of what you can
everyday in loving manner to yourself and others
plants animals Earth Universe Multiverse included?

The nature does it all for you
depends if you do it that way
if you do one gets to be free to be self then ?
if you want a better world how could you imagine
the way ‘
are you doing it ?
or are you missing something in your life because you are not doing it ?
would you complain to others ?
or blame others that they are in the way ?
are there any other ways ?

those are just quest-ion’s
if they are not done by you
they will remain the same
and more entrapment will happen by y-our ignorance
that has turned nearly all upside down in this world

could it be that the world is also a cell ?
to the rest there is
what kind of cell is it ?
could it also be that you are also that kind of cell?
or would you prefer that a machine that thinks for you ?
one that controls you
one that can trigger your anxieties cravings
joy and happiness over at someone’s command

could you see yourself
becoming happy if someone literally
push your button?
having a god that is artificial ?
if i may use that word in that context
watches over you loves you
or beams at you with streams for you

could you see yourself loving a virtual person ?
no doubt it will feel real

and there really is not much different
from receiving streams that feels like the feels we are living right now

because i am not saying loving a machine is necessarily a bad thing
but what they are used for is the thing that could be concerning
for the rest of humanity
machine’s are much superior in their non conflicting maneuvers
precision do things non emotive way ‘

i am not saying having a machine that watches over you is a bad thing either
but it is the people behind or the motives behind the schemes
that are concerning
because this is a money business planet
and someone has the upper seats and suits over someone’s downer lives
it is viable because in many ways nature does the same
in other way because the world is put like that
or promoted enough to make people wooshing around the next pleasures
yiipii! next dose of happiness ! in a new product

and that becomes really controllable
not saying it is bad thing too
for how are controlled today ?
we throw out nearly 70 % of the products
we have made to make this kind of monetary system
running or near -running or reverse running !
and put preservers in the products that sorely harms and close
the energy center in the human body
but hey ! let tv or radio do that for ya eh?
in approximately 90 % bs 10 % okay information
or less

and actually that is perhaps how the dark suits
make their value each moment of our lives
they can make 9 times of our 1 earning
and while the people are having the downer syndromes
them people are on the way up

so they are just using the majority
or not exactly the majority either
the ones that chooses which products to consume
the ones that have a say at least


not saying the use of people is a bad thing either !
but the how of it

because there comes a point in life
when one see what kind of matter that matters for one

and one can have all the fancy clothes or become so near perfect
or be so poppy mew mew mew ew ew ew… smiles LOL;-) etc and finally the ! ! ! ! !
while around one have not the same view or even a chance
how can that be just ?
how can there ever be a justice department if there are people
who don’t have a life in justice
oh its building up yay?
no its a loop some other might say
every four year or so a guy gets elected
that are running campaign’s for two kinds of parties
on the other hand the other brain the left
on the other hand the right brain
eventually some begin to realize
these other hands are made by the same person or movement or (oc)cult


and so why am i writing this?
because the universe is a constant change
and they are trying to do whatever they can to
make things the way it just are
irreversible humans are on their schedule
by the time one begin to see it is always the same tunes
one gets eventually gets tired of the same bore
that fills one up in themes colors vibrations
and nature does that all the time freely
and one could tap into that freely
harmoniously for all in all
as cells as atoms that connects interacts
understands manifest’s includes

and it is being messed up and we know it !
watching it as each time one gets wealthier
and bigger more powerful than the rest

not saying it is bad to have those
as there are ones that is more appropriate
to be of the higher seats
but in this time
they also have to do a bit of the trickery
that was implemented on the system
but that system must not be voted
if people wants what is best for all

and one cannot use the same system
to try to make things better
if that happens
there is every chance many will (near)live their own ugly hell
in a very beautiful lively paradise







Remember You Are The Land And The Land Is You

The overt trickery of who gets the most outcomes of salaries fee’s is usually by the businessmen with their corporations ‘ they hold you in entertainment in trance, in hypnotized manner so that you would not be enraged by their plundering.
The dane’s have left an obvious footprint here and as usual people had the smallest outcomes and the businessmen the most.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg
these are well-known
what is not well-known are the underground dwellers and pirate like beings that comes after minerals stones all very precious and no one notice but you are being plundered and as long as you’re hyped sedated trend-ed and controlled by the devices you will stay ignorant.

Remember You are the Land and the Land is You

What kind of ways have you developed ?
since the colonizers moved and took over your minds?

How do you behave to your families ? Are you behaving in a way that would benefit the $$$ people ?
they’d smile and behave like a upper rank ‘ enough to get their $$$

It is true the land here is unique
it is lush and it has plants animals ‘
and you are not attentive to the skies
of who sprays you and slowly kill you

Why are you not doing something about it ?
are you perhaps afraid to look stupid?
Or are you stuck in emotional trauma and wants to moan to parents
while there are beings who would gladly cause you more emotional trauma if there is enough $$$

The Device’s seems like they have connected you
but they haven’t, they have separated you

some simple questions would answer this
how many hours do you spend your day clicking away mindlessly entertaining your mind
and what kind of food do you take ?
could others be blamed if you have lowered your vibration?
Would you rather have someone else save you ?

Do you dis-respect nature ?

Do you dis-respect others including yourself?

Can you take the information such as these question without
you ego comes tumbling down and protect the sedative mindless entertainments?

But perhaps you are on your way and do your inner work
and perhaps you are mind controlled by seemingly innocent ‘s
that you naively accept and welcoming colonization and the take over of the whole mind

Some men and women would be delighted if there is anyone who would pay them attention
they usually have “you people are primitive our ways are more modern”, and saturate ego’s like that

You have to look after our own including others ‘ talk with your people
understand them’ not just through pay for corporations and we’ll give you attention and please you
they have logo’s symbolism’s frequencies and they even have triggers for anger and the other low chakra’s activators ‘ and you’ll be like fishes caught in their game

So what can do? As people, as humans

you could perhaps work on yourself
and become an example and show to people these methods work to me and they can work for you
and they might be people totally blind for such information as many has been but understand they too have their issues and that they do not come to a state where they are open to self clarification and haven’t developed their own way of becoming

As people ‘ you folks have great value ‘
while others try to plunder or manipulate each other to get their triggers
you as a people are generous to each other and are kind

When you are out in nature, and if some one is picking berries you do not say
this is mine ! or this is a corporation area ‘
Much of the land is still yours while who own’s it are slowly being taking over to make the rich richer and the poor poorer
you’ve seen it all before  in many countries

And for what ?

For the sake of some devices or belief systems that tricks you to pay with near your all your lives?
Or for someone who want’s to detach you from another ?

Its fine to chat with foreign people who wants exotic acquaintances
but know that there are pitfalls and entrapment’s, and know that you can be used

Life has many rewards if one does learn how to manage feelings trauma’s
belief systems.
And that they operate on colors sounds vibrations’ as you also operate on those levels
One can open close energies, everyone can make something bigger smaller and while nature dances through or away from you, you can integrate harmony in sounds in colors in vibrations and frequencies

Your experience of life reflects what you have grown inside
if you are a money based type of a person
realize money doesn’t buy everything
it can’t buy a goodnight sleep though it can buy you a bed
so the inner experience can reflect the outer experience through intent
by stating by conviction

The human body has many potentials but it is by behavior and responsibility
one can manage self realization.
What many needs is already within themselves