Our Greenlandic values as a people:

Our Greenlandic values as a people: When we are outside town out in nature, we share flowers plants berries, no one saying this is mine i own this land, but when of course if there are others occupying a place it is respected as much as possible, its only the way we are taught by … Continue reading Our Greenlandic values as a people:


RadioOutThere Interview Link + Transcript

  Link to the show http://radiooutthere.com/blog/2017/07/21/program-653-two-very-different-guests/ RadioOutthere-imi Apersortinnera Immiunnikuusara "Eaglet" Ilanngullungu   RadioOutThere Interview transcript   Barry : Well, that song is called Eaglet and its composed and played by Pilutaq, and that might be the first music you have ever heard composed and played in greenland, yes Pilutaq meaning leaf in Greenlandic contacted me … Continue reading RadioOutThere Interview Link + Transcript

Remember You Are The Land And The Land Is You

The overt trickery of who gets the most outcomes of salaries fee's is usually by the businessmen with their corporations ' they hold you in entertainment in trance, in hypnotized manner so that you would not be enraged by their plundering. The dane's have left an obvious footprint here and as usual people had the … Continue reading Remember You Are The Land And The Land Is You